Engaging The Chaos Early

22 04 2014

Exhale. Go ahead, take a moment to breathe and recover from what I hope was an amazing, albeit exhausting, weekend of ministry. Most of our friends serving in worship and technical ministry worked countless hours last week, spending days and even weeks preparing for Easter services. We’d like to bless and honor you for all of your hard work. Please know it doesn’t go unnoticed and because of your efforts, many people likely heard the story of Jesus for the first time. You did awesome!

For many though, Easter was a crazy time with lots of last-minute needs and it certainly could have been easier had it been more planned out. We know this very well as many of our friends called in with last-minute needs and paid for rush shipping in order to pull off some last-minute ideas. We love serving you in this capacity, but the stress and chaos of the last-minute approach can really wear on you. And, of course, the unfortunate result for many of us after a chaotic Easter season is that we don’t engage in the opportunity to reflect on what Jesus did for us. We help others engage in the truth of the moment but miss it ourselves.

The good news is it is possible to pull off incredibly impacting services for holidays like Easter and Christmas without running yourself so far down that it takes everything you have to keep your head above water. I’ve lived both sides of that coin and my physical and spiritual (not to mention my family’s) well-being is much better off when I engage church holidays well in advance and work ahead. Easier said than done, right? I know often programming for these services is done last-minute and you have no control over that, but what do you have control over?

Summer is project time for many churches and I want to encourage you to really reflect back on your Easter and Christmas services from the past few years and think about common things you end up having to spend time and energy on. Do you regularly have to set up a temporary overflow venue? Do you tend to rent lights every holiday? Do you do a big set change? Look at those temporary things you seem to spend time on every time big services roll around and start looking at how you can minimize the impact of those tasks. Some possible ways you can engage your big services ahead of time are:

  • Run a permanent cable for your overflow venue so all you have to do is put a rental screen and projector up quickly.
  • Put in convenient power and DMX drops where you often need lights so you don’t have to run temporary wiring every time.
  • Develop a more user-friendly, faster way of rigging sets.
  • Install your Easter sets a few weeks early in order to have plenty of time for configuration and programming.
  • Save wireless frequencies of successfully used rental wireless so you don’t have to start frequency coordination from scratch next time.
  • Buy a few regularly rented items every year (projectors, wireless, lighting fixtures, etc.) so you don’t have to install the same rental gear ever time.
  • Start asking questions before the next big service way ahead of time.

We greatly appreciate all you do for your church, especially when it comes to big services like Easter. We know what it takes because, just like you, our people spend countless hours with our own churches trying to create impactful services for our own communities. This summer, let’s all commit to working smarter so this Christmas (you have 35 weeks) you can pull off big services and still have time to reflect on all Jesus did for you and your family and perhaps enjoy some of the day. Sometimes it’s as easy as running and leaving some cables in place for those regular rentals and for others it means maybe stocking up on some extra wireless systems or random accessories. Whatever it is, think about how you can engage these bigger services well in advance and make your life a little less chaotic as the big days approach. And, of course, our team would be honored to help your team get there with whatever you need.

Congratulations on a great Easter and many blessings to you and your family!