Stage Design Pictures

Pictures From First Assembly of God, Cedar Rapids, IA

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Some of the stage designs from 2005 through 2009

Surge Youth Conference 2008 – First Assembly

Surge Youth Conference 2009 – First Assembly

Victory Worship Center – Night of Wonder – Christmas Production 2009






4 responses

2 02 2011

I read where you found faux stain glass type of paper that you can buy in rolls. Could you give me the website of that company?

5 02 2011

Hey Anthony,

Would love to help and shot you an email. They are just Roscoe lighting gels bought from your favorite vendor (the company I know work for sells them too). Just pick your favorite colors and start cutting. Check out my email and if I can help in any way, don’t hesitate to let me know.

1 12 2011
Randy Miskulin

For your 2008 Youth Conference stage, what did you use for the linked squares? Also, I’d love to see pictures of your faux trusses. I have the challenge of building a stage with little budget and was thinking of using ABS to build trusses where I don’t need them for structure. I think they would even paint nicely to match the aluminum trussing that I do have.

4 12 2011


The squares for the youth conference were rented from Atomic Design ( They are fantastic to work with and decent to rent, but expensive to buy.

As for the truss, we ended up going a different direction so I never did actually build them but as long as you’re not rigging stuff to it, making some out of PVC or ABS should work in theory.

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