Christian Musician Summit 2015: Class Power Point Files
2015 Master Planning AVL
2015 Watt reduction
2015 Practical Guide To Building A Mix
2015 lighting for worship
2015 Extreme Visual Makeover LED Stage Design
2015 Building Technical Teams
2015 Big Box Makeover
2015 5 keys lighting on a budget

WFX 2015: Class Power Point Files
2015 WFX Master AVL Planning


9 responses

30 10 2010
Carlson Barros

Hi Duke
You have amazing ideas. Do you mind if I translate some (like portions of your blog) to Brazilian Portuguese and share with the Brazilian Churches?

30 10 2010

Go for it Carlos!!! Let me know if I can help.

9 03 2012
James Brown

What is striking equipment I can not find a definition of what it is or what they are or do I know that I should know. Please Help Thanks

12 03 2012

Hey James,

“Strike” is a theatrical term. I’ll let Wikipedia give the definition:
Strike: to remove a set piece or from the stage (“Strike that chair.”) To “strike the show” is to disassemble the entirety of the set, return all equipment to storage and leave the venue as it was before the show was set up. May be used as a noun to refer to the event at which the show is struck.

Good question! Sometimes I forget that I’ve been doing this long enough that all of the industry code language isn’t commonly known. In fact, if you want to increase your knowledge of “professional” stage terms, Wikipedia’s page is pretty solid.

19 03 2012
James Brown

Thank You Sir for your time and answer

6 05 2012
James Brown

I am using a Mackey 32 channel board an older one, using CDs to record and I am wanting to use a computer to record we have mac computers and use garage band to edit what would you suggest there are only xlr and 1/4 in no USB or FireWire plugs thanks for your time. James

7 05 2012

If you’re just trying to record a stereo feed out of your soundboard, I would use something like a M-Audio Fast Track Pro USB Pre-Amp to run audio from the console outputs into the Pre-Amp and into Garage Band. If you’re trying to record every channel individually, that will get a lot more complicated. If you’re sound board has direct outputs for every channel, it may be doable (though clunky). Does that help? Let me know if you have more questions.

24 10 2012
Aaron Barbosa

Hey Duke,
Not sure if it’s something on my end, but the Audio 101: Fundamentals PPT does not seem to be complete. It has only 4 pages and no content.

24 10 2012


Thanks for the heads up! It’s not just on your end, but on mine too. The catch is the file on my local hard drive is the same way. I’ll have to see if I can find the right file in my archives. Sorry for the inconvenience!

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