A technical artist, trainer, collaborator, system and scenic designer, Duke DeJong has a passion to serve churches and help them be effective in their community using technology.  He has over 15 years of experience in church tech and nearly 12 in various ministry roles, most as a technical and creative leader.

Duke lives in Olympia, Washington with his wife and two kids and serves as the Director of Sales and Marketing, Systems for CCI Solutions, a design/build, equipment and media company which specializes in high performance sound, video and lighting systems for performance spaces.   If you would like more information about how Duke or CCI Solutions can serve you, please visit http://www.ccisolutions.com or contact Duke via email or phone.

Email – ddejong@ccisolutions.com
Phone – 360.786.9123


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20 10 2010
Tod Hornby


Love the website… Where is the best (most reasonable) place to buy spandex?

21 10 2010

Hey Tod,

Thanks for the kind words! I tend to buy most of my fabric, spandex included, from Rosebrand.com. While you can sometimes find cheaper places I almost always use them because they are extremely reliable and great to work with, deliver what they promise and have a great selection. For example, if you’re looking at spandex but think the price tag is too high, you can call them, explain what you want to do and they can help direct you to another fabric like Tendo that might work just as well. Whatever you do, make sure you get fabric that is IFR or FR (inherently fire retardent or fire retardant) and get a certificate verifying so. Rosebrand is also great at this. If there is anything else I can help with don’t hesitate to let me know.

3 02 2011
Angela Dunkerton


I am helping to come up with a backdrop for our new church plant in Cedar Falls, IA. We were recently blessed with the gift of a church building (a small, elderly congregation graciously passed on their building to us!) It was built in the 1960’s and we would love to re-do a lot of things. We hope to start with the stage and desire to cover up the entire back wall (some floor to ceiling metal grating, an open baptistry, a long stained glass window). It’s 32′ X17′.

We would like it to be black and we would like to be able to project onto it – our power point lyrics, sermon series art, etc.

So far, we’ve looked at chameleon cloth – which we discovered is fairly translucent but looks like it would be cool if lit up.

We don’t have a lot of money to spend, but want to get the best we can afford for an excellent looking result that will be long lasting and offer creative flexibility.

I see you do a lot with spandex… can that be projected onto? How do you usually install something like that?

Any other ideas for us?

Thanks so much!

5 02 2011

Hey Angela,

I’ll shoot you an email so we can talk more. Would love to help and bounce ideas around with you.

11 07 2011

Hi Duke,

I came across your site late last night looking for ideas for our stage. Our creative team is a little stuck I have to admit. We have a sanctuary that has windows on both side walls and and open stage/platform that juts out from the wall. We have no wings to the stage and everything is painted a light grey. We are wanting to do a more modern set where we have control over our lighting however we are not sure if painting the back walls black would give us that control as you can never truly get the rest of the sanctuary dark. the ceiling and side walls are all light grey and there is a lot of natural light in the room. I am not sure if you could help us with some solutions and ideas or if you could direct me somewhere. Thanks so much in advance for all your help.

Natallia Francis

14 07 2011


Thanks for the contact and I just shot you an email. Looking forward to chatting with you!

22 10 2012

Hey Duke our church is getting a new mixing board. Our volunteers do a pretty good job with our 56 channel yamaha analog mixer but are not experts by no means. How difficult would the transition be from analog to digital be? We are looking at purchasing a yamaha LS9. What are the advantages of going digital?

22 10 2012

It will certainly be a transition, but planned well I think it’ll be fine. Whether the LS9 is right for you or not will depend on whether it has the features you need, but making the analog to digital transition a good experience really is all about having a great plan. A big part of this plan has to be training, and it’s the one area that churches often cut. If you’re going to spend $10,000 on a console, spending $750-1000 to have a professional trainer teach you and your team can make all of the difference in you transition.

As far as the advantages, the main ones are being able to save your setup and settings from week to week and having compression and noise gates on every channel. There are certainly other benefits, but those two are the big ones for me. Whether it’s worth it or not just depends on what you want to accomplish.

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