This Christmas:It Matters

13 12 2012

Note: Originally published as a CCI Solutions Worship Tools Newsletter here.

About this time 3 years ago, I vividly remember entering one of the most intense Christmas seasons I’ve ever had as a Technical Director. We had to finish the set up for our church’s first Christmas production, spend dozens of hours programming lights, get through a handful of rehearsals, 3 performances and continue to pull off weekend services in the middle of all that. It was the church’s first Christmas in the new auditorium so everything was being created new from scratch. And to top it all off, I got horrifically sick with the flu.  I’ll spare you the details but despite having a pretty extreme bug, over the next 8 days I spent upwards of 80-90 hours at the church with our team as we ran through the gauntlet of Christmas production and two sets of weekend services. It was grueling and often times physically painful, and there were plenty of times I wanted to quit. But I pressed on. Our team pressed on.

Our young team lifted and carried a huge load and come time for our three performances, the house was packed beyond anyone’s expectations. In fact, for the final performance, the 2500 seat auditorium was standing room only. Each night as the performance came to its conclusion with a short message and altar call from our Pastor, I never once thought about how sick I was all week or how exhausted my body felt. It was the furthest thing from my thoughts.  I distinctly remember coming away from each night with a beaming mixture of pride and humility. For 8 days and 3 nights of performances, our team came together and came up huge. At the time, it was one of the biggest productions the church had ever done and each and every person on our team stepped up to the challenge. To this day I feel so proud of that team, and it set the stage for bigger and better things to come even after I left.  But more importantly, I felt so honored to play a part in what God was doing in our community and in reaching all of those people who responded to His love that weekend. God certainly didn’t have to use me, the people on my team or anyone else from our church for that matter in order to change the lives of hundreds of people and touch thousands of others. I am so thankful that He did though. Seeing people respond to His love and Gospel is probably one of the most humbling experiences we can have as people who serve in the Church, and Christmas is a time when people are more receptive to the love that Christ has for them.

For those who serve the church in worship and production, the Christmas season often brings crazy schedules, a chaotic pace and often exhaustion and/or sickness. It’s a time that can stretch us both as artists and people, mentally and physically, often times past what we think we’re capable of.  Despite the stretching, I want to take a moment to remind you in advance that what you do matters. Whether you lead a song, put the lyrics on the screen or even clean up the auditorium, you are helping to serve the people of your community and it makes a difference. As you put in the blood, sweat, tears and/or sickness that often come with the long hours of Christmas services and production, remember that it is for the greatest cause that we can serve, to share the love of Jesus with those who don’t know Him.

This Christmas season, as you plan extra elements for your services and work tirelessly to create moments of wonder for those who will walk through the doors, we would be honored to serve and support you in your efforts. Perhaps you need to find some last minute choir or orchestra microphones or a lighting fixture to pull off a specific type of effect. Maybe you need to get some lamps replaced in your lighting fixtures or a projector so everything is at its most effective. Regardless of your need, we are driven to help your ministry be effective. Why? Because we know what you do matters.

Blessings to you and your ministry this Christmas. We’re rooting for you!





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