The Right Stuff

18 04 2012

As posted from CCI Solutions Worship Tools Newsletter

A few weeks ago I was working with a church in Chicago and we suddenly found ourselves in need of a shelf. We just needed a small shelf for the iMac to sit on and some space for the video switcher to sit under it. Fortunately we had a decent amount of 2x6s around with which to build one. So we gathered up 2 or 3 2x6s, a pair of scissors and a crowbar, and went outside to cut and assemble the shelf. It was a great shelf, very sturdy and custom sized for the space we had available.

The Real Cost of Choosing the Wrong Tools

Most of the above story is true. Of course, the part about the scissors and crowbar is ridiculous. You would never use scissors to cut a 2×6 or a crowbar to screw the wood together – yet I find that church techs often do this very thing. Often I see people using a cheap vocal microphone to mic a grand piano, using standard mic cables as DMX cables, or using home movie cameras to tape video in a large auditorium with inconsistent light. It seems that too often we in the church tech world are quick to grab scissors when a saw is what we need, and then we’re surprised that the results are less than good (or worse). Why are we surprised at the difficulty we face when we use the wrong tool for the job? And why do so many people keep using the same tool over and over hoping that the results will somehow improve? Yes, sometimes choosing the right tool is a little more costly initially, but what you save in efficiency and gain in performance, usually far outweighs the small amount you might have saved choosing the wrong tool!

Information Resources

We understand that you are working hard to provide the best results possible with the talent and tools you have. CCI Solutions has created the Worship Tools Learning Center to help provide the knowledge you need to be the more effective in your ministry. You’ll find videos and articles that are relevant and useful to help you choose and use the right tool for the job you’re working on today.

Check out the Worship Tools Learninig Center at CCI for information and advice from our seasoned techs about choosing and using various AV tools in churches.  Our Systems Consultants and Retail Sales Consultants are passionate about serving churches and helping you get (and correctly use) the right tools for the job. Give ’em a call or email today – they’d love to help. After all you don’t want to be the guy cutting a 2×6 with a pair of scissors, do you?




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