New Year, New Role

28 12 2010

Over the past week I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking back over 2010.  My family has grown a lot, we’ve learned much and believe that as good as God has been to us so far, the best is yet to come.  As we approach 2011 our excitement is growing for what God has next for us and as we make preparations for us to move to our new home next week, it’s time to share where we are going and the new role that God has provided for me.

When my wife and I felt it was time to leave Victory and thought that God might be calling us to serve the church as opposed to serving within one, we began having conversations with a number of different people.  We discussed potential options with a few different companies, still talked with one or two churches, and above all really looked for the opportunity with the team that most matched my heart as well as provided a position that really matched the skills and passion that God had been stirring up inside me.  Over the past few weeks, with every opportunity laid out in front of us, it became very clear that God created such a perfect role that the decision had already been made for us.

When I joined Victory Worship Center in Tucson last year, their worship center had only been open about 6 months and the technology that was designed and installed in there impressed me greatly.  The sound system was easily one of the best systems I’d ever used and the video and lighting systems were impressive as well.  Not only were the systems impressive, but every time I needed help the company that did the design and installation of these systems was quick to offer it, and in fact even came to our church to help me get up to speed and tweak the systems the way I wanted them a few different times.  In my years doing this I have worked with designers/integrators that had am incredible passion for the church and I’ve worked with people who are incredibly good at what they do, but rarely have I worked with people who are great at both.   Their passion to help us as a church be great and use our systems to their fullest is what impressed me the most and has won me over as a fan.  This company is CCI Solutions ( out of Olympia, WA, and in January I will join their staff as the Church Relations Director.

So a company this great needs me for what?  That’s exactly what I wondered, but as I started discussing the possibilities with CCI there were two truths that became apparent.  First, they have a clear desire to see churches win and be successful.  It’s not about buying the highest price gear or what would be cool, but they are committed to building highly functional, flexible and reliable systems that will help churches increase their impact in their communities and beyond.  It’s not about the gear or a brand name and they get that.  It’s about helping churches succeed in the vision that God has given them and they’re willing to do whatever they can to help the church get there.  Second, they know that it’s about people and are committed to not simply being a vendor or hired hand, but a ministry partner.  CCI Solutions knows that in order for churches and ministry leaders to be successful they need to have someone who’s behind them, routing for them, and supporting them with ideas and resources that they need in order to be effective.  This starts with a relationship, something CCI believes whole-hearted in.

This is where I come in.  As good as I think CCI already is, they are committed to being an even better partner to the church and its leaders.  If you know me or have followed me you know my passions are to help equip ministry leaders and to help mentor, encourage and raise up the next generation of ministry leaders.  In my role as Church Relations Director, I will be spending much of my time investing in people, encouraging and equipping ministry leaders however CCI and I can, as well as helping CCI focus its efforts on helping churches to win.  I hope to also continue working with the Church Technical Director Round Table (CTDRT, and those on the Church Technical Arts Network (CTAN, in encouraging, praying for and equipping my friends and colleagues there however I can.  I believe that our arts leaders (Worship, Technical, Drama, etc) carry a great burden and responsibility for ministry in the church today and technical directors are frequently the hardest working, most misunderstood leaders out there.  This is a group that I love dearly, pray for every day, and hope to serve for years to come.

This is a very exciting time and change for my family, but as you can imagine it comes with a great deal of change, stress and stretching.  We would greatly appreciate your thoughts and prayers as we embark on this journey.  If you are an arts leader in one of this nation’s great churches, I can not wait to serve you!  If you need anything, even simply someone to bounce ideas off of or someone to pray with, please don’t hesitate to contact me.




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28 12 2010
Jonathan Malm


29 12 2010

Wow Duke!
I don’t think God could have Blessed you with a better position if you designed it yourself!!!
Contests to you and your family!!!
I have lots of family in that area and they are very helpful and loving people! If you need ANYTHING once you get to WA, I know they’ll be happy to be a helpful hand or a shoulder for Jenny! Much Love. Congrats on your Career Upgrade!!! XO Ciao’ My Love to the kids!

3 01 2011

Hey Duke,
I’ve been a blog/twitter follower of yours for about a year now, but I don’t think I’ve ever commented… I’m from Washington (greater Seattle area) and I was the video director at a large church in Redmond until August, I’m now helping launch a church in Seattle this next year. Anyways, I know you are still in proccess of traveling and making your move, but I wanted to get you info about a Washington state tech directors group, that might be a good connection for you to meet washington church TD’s. It’s a group called Church Arts United, they meet once a month usually the third Wednesday during lunch time. They try to switch the location between Tacoma and Seattle so the commute is shared by all. The group was started by a guy names Josh Hamm, he is the TD at a church in Tacoma, there is a facebook group where they send out all the info for each meeting, just look up Church Arts United, you should be able to find the group.

Welcome to Washington! I hope you and your family are able to acclimate quickly and the transition to your new job is smooth.

7 01 2011

Thanks for contacting me and thanks a ton for letting me know about this group. I know of Josh from a Technical Director’s group I’ve been a part of so I’ll have to connect with him, but I definitely would love to join the group. I’m out of town the 3rd Wednesday in January but hopefully I can make it happen for February. It will be fun to meet and get connected to all of my Washington friends!

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