Looking Back

23 12 2010

As many of you know, this summer my wife and I made the decision to leave the role of Technical Coordinator for Victory Worship Center in Tucson, AZ.  We left in faith knowing that God was shifting my calling from serving in the church to serving the church as a whole.  This was a vague calling to us and we knew it would take a little time for God to show us what the next step was and navigate all of the things that come with transition.  As we approach the new year we are excited that God is really locking in our next steps for us and we are so very excited for the opportunity that is coming up next.  I’ll post more about that role in the next few days but I felt like before I could really look ahead, I needed to look back on what opportunities that God has provided over the past 4 months since we made this leap.

Shortly after leaving Victory I worked with some churches on my own and also joined my friends at Church Solutions Group in order to help manage some projects through a very busy period of time for them.  In the past 4 months I’ve had the privilege of working with 9 different churches doing everything from designing systems, leading installations and doing training.  Each ministry I had the opportunity to work with blessed me in different ways and I’m so thankful to have worked with each one.  I’ve also been incredibly blessed to work with friends at Church Solutions Group who share my passion and desire to help churches succeed in impacting their communities.  I’m so grateful for the opportunity to serve the church and it’s leaders alongside of these men and women and will be forever thankful for their kindness, support and friendship.

As I look back over this year,  I can see clearly how God has been setting me up for a new role.  I can see how He’s been showing me how my passions and gifting have been shifting some and how He has been revealing to me the next phase of the plan He has for me.  I can also see how I’ve been learning these things throughout the year and how I’ve responded and adapted to that teaching, taking baby steps in the new direction.  While I certainly have not always stepped in the right direction, I believe that because I’ve been as honorable as I can in following His lead, next month I will step into a role that He has created just for passion and talent that He has placed within me.  The path this year has been crazy and at times stressful, but He has always been faithful to provide for my family and he has blessed me beyond measure with the people, friends both new and old, to share this journey with.  The time to discuss the future will come very soon, but for now with a thankful heart I look back and think of each of you that I have had the pleasure to serve, serve with, and call friend, and I simply want to say thank you.




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