Expectations of a Volunteer

26 09 2010

This weekend I had the privilege to train a great team of guys at Alive Church in Tucson, AZ.   We crammed what for me is typically closer to 10 hours worth of material into 4-5 hours, but there was one portion that I made sure we discussed.  When doing formal training on any tech discipline (audio, lighting, video or stage design) I try to set aside some time to discuss the people side of tech.  We had a great discussion today about expectations, what the church and leadership should be able to expect from volunteers and what volunteers should be able to expect from the church and it’s leadership.  I’ll talk about the second part in another post, so for this post let’s focus on the first part.

As someone serving in the technical ministry of your church, you should be reasonably be expected to:

– Be On Time – Don’t make the worship team, Pastors or other techs wait for you, just as you don’t want to have to wait for them.  Be respectful of each other’s time.

– Be Reliable – If people are counting on you to accomplish certain tasks, make sure you get it done or get someone else to cover you when you can’t.

– Be Knowledgeable – Part of getting your job done is making sure that you know how to get the job done.  If you don’t know, pursue training/teaching until you do.

– Respect Your Tools – You must take care of the equipment that you have been given to use.  It’s critical not only to your success but also to the success of the next person who has to use it.

– Communicate – If you need something to do your job (replacement parts/gear, information, etc), be proactive to make sure that the right people know so they can take care of it.  In a church environment especially, things often slip through the cracks without good communication.

– Positive, Team Oriented Attitude – 99% of the time everyone who is serving in a church is doing it to positively impact their community.  Remember that we’re all after the same goal and need each other to be effective.  This also means we need to try and cultivate relationships with those we serve with, both in the tech and music areas.

– Respect/Support Your Authority – It’s critical that we both respect and support those who oversee our area as well as our Senior Pastors, even when it is hard or we disagree with them.  We must remember that God has given them accountability for that area, not us.  Plus, if your leader knows that without a doubt you have their back, they will generally be more interested in your ideas and feedback.

These are the topics that came up in our discussion.  Did we miss any?  Do you have any other thoughts about what is listed above?  Join the discussion by commenting below.




One response

26 09 2010

Love this.
Churches go so much further with Great, Reliable, Dedicated Volunteers! It’s especially easy when a Church knows how to Appreciate their Volunteers! A little kindness goes a VERY long way and you obviously know what that’s all about! 😀

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