Techs Living In Community

1 09 2010

Over the past three weeks I have found myself spending a lot of time with church tech and worship artists as well as those who serve those artists.  In fact I have spent so much of my time investing in these relationships that I have spent little to no time on Twitter, Facebook or creating any new material for this site.  Even though I have missed these things (which are good things in my opinion) and have traveled more in three weeks than in the past year, I find myself re-energized and more focused on God’s call on my life as a support to the artists that serve our church.  After thousands of miles, being home 5 out of 21 days and burning the candle at both ends I actually feel more passion and energy to pursue what I’m doing than ever and it’s simply because of community.

We were never meant to be alone in this life.  In Genesis 18 God says, “It is not good that man should be alone…”  In fact God created Adam so that he could live in relationship with God.  Eve was created so that “Man would not be alone.” We not only can’t carry the load of life alone, but we as people are better when we live in community.  When you are around people who “get you,” you are renewed and ready for a new day.  After a discussion among people who all share similar beliefs and convictions you might feel ready to take those ideas to the world.  When we are connected with people in community we experience love, acceptance and often times a renewal of our sense of purpose.

In ministry, we must find ways to refresh, renew and keep our purpose in front of us and the best way I’ve found to do this is to be in community with other like minded people.  This week I was blessed to attend the Southern California Church Technical Director Round Table meeting where 24 or 25 lead technical artists gathered to encourage and support one another in our mission to serve our churches and communities well.  Those who attended gave rave reviews of the event, not because we had an jam packed agenda (we didn’t) or some great gear to demo (though we did), but because we got to spend time with one another and had some great discussion about what ministry should and should not be about, how to be successful as a leader and how we can support our churches and Pastors better without burning out ourselves.  It was an experience I’ll treasure for a long time to come and one that has given me a lot of energy and renewed passion as I transition.

Have you been feeling run down or a little lost from your mission?  What opportunities are you taking to be in community?




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