A New Chapter

31 07 2010

For what is approaching a decade of my life I have made a living working in churches in tech ministry.  Over the course of this year I have been feeling a pull to step out of the church, not in order to leave the ministry but in order to support, encourage and equip church artists and arts leaders at many churches.  I love to mix, direct video, create stage designs and design lighting but more than all of those things I love seeing artists equipped and released to reach the potential God placed within them.  It’s been a year of discovery for me as I learn more about what God has created me for and discover the root of the passion that He has placed within me.  I love ministry and I love the church.  I love that churches are increasing the role of the arts in the church and the impact that it helps churches have.  Mostly, I love the artists that serve the church and have a strong desire to help them reach all the dreams that God has placed within them.

Over the course of this year I have had more and more opportunities to share, help and minister to those who are serving their churches in both the technical and worship arts, and that has gotten me more fired up for ministry than anything I have done on my own.  The idea of stepping out of the church to be more effective in the ministry that God has called me to has been one that has been hard for me to grasp.  Leaving the church in order to serve it more seems counter-intuitive and backwards, but over the course of the year God has shown me what it can look like and the impact that I can have.  I’ve gained a glimpse of what I think God has in store for my ministry in the next season of my life, and while there are still a few details to wrap up, my family and I are excited to take the first step towards this new vision.

Unfortunately, with the excitement of this new direction brings the sadness of what I must give up.  For the past year I have served, taught and pushed to release the technical artists at Victory Worship Center in Tucson.  I am so proud of the change and growth I’ve seen in this team and know that the best is yet to come for them.  I’ve also been blessed to work with some amazing musicians, singers and dancers.  Victory is blessed with a great number of artists with amazing hearts to serve and I love them all dearly.  While it’s hard to leave my new friends, I know I must for God to bring the change and growth He wants to see in me and the ministry He’s giving me.

There are many details still to be determined as my family begins this new direction.  We ask for your prayers and thank you greatly for your encouragement and support.  So many over the past few months have been so encouraging and faithful to pray as I’ve shared my heart and where we felt God was leading us and to you my trusted friends, I thank you and love you so much.  To the artists out there that I’ve been blessed to serve as well as those who I’ve yet to meet, thank you for giving your art to the church and for helping impact the world.  I look forward to serving you, encouraging you, dreaming with you and helping you impact the world.  If I can serve you in your vision and calling, and help you reach the goals God has given you, please contact me anytime.




2 responses

31 07 2010
Randy Mindt

Well this is not the circumstance that I would have thought to be my first comment to your blog. It is amazing that God cares enough for each of us as individuals that He will place us in continuing situations for preparation. Coming a year ago to a place of many levels; expansion, stretching, teaching, learning, developing, well you can keep filling in the blanks. The real challenge becomes the choice that God presents in His time. I have a sense that you have been prepared for this moment, your temperament to serve combined with your sarcastic edge helps define your ability to minister what God has placed in you. With a young family I know this was a big moment, but we do serve someone who cares even more than you for those you love. He will not forsake them. So though your presence will be missed, the seeds that you have planted will continue to grow & blossom. Will be lifting you up in prayers in the coming days.

31 07 2010
Randy Mindt

Oh by the way if there is anything give a call!

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